After you schedule your residential backflow test with DBT, what happens?

We let you know the week we will complete your test as soon as you submit an online request or call in. Once we get the route put together, we notify you of the exact day that we'll be there (typically the week before your test).

dispensary backflow test bend or
deschutes backflow testing business card

Once we arrive at your property, we knock on the door/ring the doorbell to notify anyone on site that we're there. If no one answers, we leave a business card in the door, so you know we were there.


We follow the USC's 10th edition testing procedures, which our tester is always happy to walk you through if you're interested. Before beginning the test, we note if the water is on, or if it is off (and exactly how it is shut off), so that we can leave the assembly exactly as we found it upon completion. If it was on, you'll see "Water Restored" on your test report. If it was off, you'll see exactly how we left it off in the "Notes" section of your report.


(NOTE: backflow testing is not irrigation activation. If you need your irrigation system turned on, we are happy to schedule that for you, just let us know!)

Once the test has been completed, we send the test report in to your water provider so they know that you are in compliance. We send you a copy of that report as well, along with your invoice. You can request an emailed bill, or a mailed bill, we are happy to do whatever works for you. All invoices are due within 30 days, and we are able accept payment via credit/debit card, check or cash.


If your backflow passes the test, you're good to go! If it fails the test, we are fully licensed to repair and retest the assembly to ensure you and your family is protected from cross contamination and remain compliant with the State of Oregon protection requirements.